There is stress and complicated life everywhere, so to get rid of this and enjoy family time or to throw parties and functions, approach to the only abode of fun called ANANDAM CLARKS INN SUITES & RESORTS. Surrounded with lush green Meadows and away from the hustle and bustle of the city and hectic life, ANANDAM CLARKS INN SUITES & RESORTS will provide you with a fabulous and incredible acquaintance & experience to you.

A life full of celebration with food and Weekend live music

We don't provide you to only satisfy our needs but also to drench ourselves with stunning aromas, incredible flavors, and superb taste. For all of these, you have to enter our food and amusement kingdom named ANANDAM CLARKS INN SUITES & RESORTS. This is the ultimate food destination in our town with live music concert and create a memorable feel with love one.
Taste the exotic menu at Food Art Dining Restaurant at Anandam Clarks Inn Suites & Resorts From local, regional to International dishes and delights we have many marvelous surprises waiting for you. Your plate will be filled with several Vegetarian superb dishes and cuisines. Our regional and international dishes will overwhelm you. All-day dining operating from morning till midnight serving multi-cuisine intricacies and delicacies with a large menu ranges.

On the rocks for a perfect evening wides

Do you want to spend the perfect time for a special evening with your relatives and friends? We have some of the best vegetarian cuisines and mock tails on the menu.

If you want to taste the most authentic flavours and cuisines from around the local area and then you have to come here and dine with us. We can pretty much make sure that all your taste buds will be delighted with joy upon tasting the most unique flavours. Our menu consists of the specialities that you cannot resist on. Come here once and you will definitely want to visit us again.

We also ensure to make your evening more special by providing live music right in front of you. Get a taste of the unique flavours and enjoy the live music and songs that are chosen selectively by us. 

Enjoy the food with music

We provide entertainment to our guests with a world-class concert of WEEKEND LIVE MUSIC in which several renowned artists and guitarists and bands take part every day, so why don't you start up a tremendous and enormous demand yourself in a jolly and stunning mood. Like food, our concerts have tremendous and enormous demand.
People come here from different places to enjoy our concerts we bet you that after arriving here you will enter to entertainment paradise by forgetting all your worries and stress.
The concert not only rejoices you but also rejuvenates and stimulates you. We want to let you one thing that while reaching here you may have a lot of worries and stress but while departing from here you will get free yourself from stress and anxieties.

Fill yourself with the weekend live music dinner

Come over to our food art and dining restaurant over the weekends and enjoy some special time. We will provide you with live calming musical concert performances that will take away all the stress and tension from your busy and hectic life.

Do you want to enjoy the best authentic Vrindavan cuisines and specialties during your short trip to Vrindavan. We will look to make your weekends more wonderful by adding the perfect blend of the tastiest dishes from all around town and unique live artist performances that you will remember long after your trip is over. 

Enjoy Weekend time at Food Art Restaurant with live music

Our hotel is situated in Vrindavan so we have our Vrindavan's specialties which are famous all over the world for its fabulous tastes which will engulf you in its taste. We don't only have this but many dishes and surprises are waiting for you but only you can reap the benefits if you will arrive here. We are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

So why don't you try our mouthwatering cuisines, after trying all of the dishes you will be a fan of our dishes and enter yourself to your food paradise. Yes our FOOD ART FINE DINING RESTURANT is a PARADISE for food enthusiasts and fanatics.

Food, entertainment in one

Are you looking to get thoroughly enjoyed during your evening? Are you planning to spend a delightful evening with your friends or loved ones? Then visit our FOOD ART FINE DINING RESTAURANT. We have all the provisions in our restaurant for you.

We prepare the food from selective ingredients and ensure the authentic flavours and mix in the right blend of spices. This makes the food ever so tasty that you want to keep enjoying it. And for your entertainment we have some famous bands, music artists and singers who are performing live for you.

Thus, whether you want to spend some time with your parents on your homecoming, or a romantic time with your better half or want to do some masti with your friends we are the destination in the entire Vrindavan that you want to come to. We will provide you with unthinkable hospitality and ensure that you are filled with food and joy after visiting here.