Have to conduct an important office conference meeting? Hire ANANDAM CLARKS INN SUITES & RESORT'S conference halls for all your meeting needs

Office meetings with clients for fresh business deals are an important parameter for the growth of your business. We understand that better than no one else and that is why we have the best world- class corporate conference halls in ANANDAM CLARKS INN SUITES & RESORTS.

Meeting Your Special Needs

With us, you can book all your important and urgent office conference meetings whenever you want to. We can arrange for all the services within a day so that you can conduct your meetings right on the very next day. All you need to do is to book our hall or else come down to see the venue yourself and whether we can provide you with all the other services. Our corporate conference halls have all the services and amenities at your disposal so that you don't have to worry or arrange for anything separately. If you do not have a space big enough to hold a large conference meeting with all your clients then choose us. We will help you to provide and arrange for all the services in a hospitable way.  When it comes to doing business with your clients making an impression the first time is extremely important.  Come down to have a look at our corporate conference halls and check whether it meets your needs. We offer entire packaged services in the best affordable budget. 

Go to meetings when you want to, and go to meetings when you dont want to

Take a look at our in-house corporate room infrastructure and ensure that your conferences can take place within. Our world-class facilities ensure that you have all the amenities and provisions to ensure an important conference meeting with your clients, customers, vendors, and merchants. We already have some of the best known MNC companies as our clients who book our corporate conference halls for holding important meetings and conferences. 
We also arrange projectors and screens enabled on our corporate halls. So if you have to show some of your slides you can do so anytime during the meeting. Our corporate halls have Wi-Fi services to take care of your internet needs. We also arrange a computer on the presentation table as per your requirement so that you don't always need to carry in your laptop. 

Meeting-makers make it

Our conference rooms are spacious and large enough so that all your attendees and guests can sit comfortably. We have a large conference room with a round table at the center. The room is capable enough to hold a conference for attendees as per requirement. The entire hall has sufficient ventilation and to enable fresh air to come in. You also have a ducted air conditioning system in the halls. 
The lighting facility in the hall is sufficient so that you don't have to deal with viewing problems. The large windows are fitted with blinds to ensure that the outside light can be dimmed off completely. You can arrange a meeting anytime in the most luxurious halls with your international clients If you have a lot of people coming in from distant areas who have just come in to attend the conference then we can also arrange for a pick and drop facility by car for all your guests.

Meeting the national care standards

Sometimes guests might come over for a day and need room to stay for the night before their return journey. At ANANDAM CLARKS INN SUITES & RESORTS you also get an emergency room for your guests who want to stay for the night. 
This way your attendees and clients don't have to worry about accommodation facilities when they come down to attend the conference for a day. We also have a large board and markers for you in case you need to discuss your targets and illustrate the charts using numbers. We also provide each of your attendees with a notebook, pens for writing, and a bottle of water to ensure that they don't need to carry some basic stuff. You also have charging plug points in case you need to charge your Smartphone or laptop. We also have an area where your clients can keep their baggage during the conference. 

Meeting your

Conduct your meetings in a fully soundproof environment in the majestic surroundings at ANANDAM CLARKS INN SUITES & RESORTS , then Anandam Clarks Inn Suites & Resorts offers you peaceful and majestic surroundings. You get a wonderful view of our lush green garden and the Yamuna river which flows nearby. You can expect to get the best surrounding atmosphere to conduct an important meeting with your clients. 
Our conference halls have a nice outside view which you can enjoy by keeping your windows open or else you can choose to shut the outside view using blinds fitted to doors and windows. . All you need to do is inform us prior if you need this service. As per your requirement we will arrange pick and drop facilities for your clients to the nearest railway station or airport. 

Many meetings, many chances, few meetings, few chances, no meetings, no chances

Do you need to hold a conference meeting that is scheduled right throughout the day? Well, don't worry about the meals and refreshments for your guests. We have the most illustrious meals and refreshments that you can choose from and customize on your own. Right from the morning tea or coffee, to breakfast, lunch, and evening tea or coffee with the brunch and then dinner we will arrange for it all as you choose. 
We provide you to choose from a wide range of meals that includes local specialties of Vrindavan or else you can also choose to go for a continental menu. Our meals and refreshments are prepared by experienced chefs only. Your clients have the option to choose to form a wide range of vegetarian menus. We have a separate buffet area for lunch, evening refreshments, and dinner. The tea or coffee is served within the halls so that you have minimum distraction during the meeting